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Samples are considered "compromised" if the following conditions are observed upon sample receipt:

* Samples are received outside of temperature specification.
* Samples are received broken or leaking.
* Samples are received beyond holding time.
* Samples are received without appropriate preservative.
* Samples are received in inappropriate containers.
* COC (if utilized) is not properly completed and signed.
* COC (if utilized) does not match samples received.
* Breakage of any Custody Seal.
* Apparent tampering with cooler and/or samples.
* VOA vials contain bubbles >1/4" (6mm).
* Seepage of extraneous water or materials into samples.
* Inadequate sample volume.
* Illegible, impermanent, or non-unique sample labeling.

When "compromised" samples are received, it is documented on the Sample Receipt Information form or on a non-conformance report (NCM); and the client is contacted for instructions. If the client decides to proceed with the analysis, the report narrative will clearly
indicate any/all or the above conditions and/or the data will be appropriately qualified.

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